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Crippled by Cashflow?

We offer up to 50k cashflow facility with no financials needed*
 All you need is a good credit score and be registered for GST

Need Quick Cash Flow?
Sound familiar?

Do you have outstanding business expenses, but are low on funds?

Do you need urgent finances to cover unexpected business emergencies?

Do you need extra money to take advantage of bulk purchase discounts?

Give your business a boost.

All businesses need to balance cash flow and payments from time to time. In those times when you need to make business related payments Quick Cash Flow has you covered. 


We offer a simple and effective solution for your business with no complex paperwork. Your funds are available within 24 hours to make payments, to your suppliers and other trade creditors.

Simply lodge payment details on our Trading Portal and we make the payment upon confirmation and verification.


"Omri and his team helped solve a tricky cashflow problem within minutes! We were able to pay our suppliers within 24 hours.

—  Chelcie Plowright, Managing Director


Great for when you need to...

Pay the ATO

Pay local & overseas suppliers

Pay Superannuation

Receive bulk discounts by paying upfront

Pay outstanding bills

Deposit funds for a bank guarantee

The benefits

Express funding
(24 hours) is available.

You repay in equal monthly instalments.

No Monthly subscription or set up fees apply

Redraw facilities are available

No penalties or fees for early payout

Payments can be made in Australian and foreign currency

Interested? Next steps

Step One

Complete the enquiry form.

We will contact you for a quick chat and only ask you for essential information that will enable us to assess your application.

Step Two

Provide us with your:

Medicare card

Drivers licence

Visa or debit card (as part of our 100 point check)

Business address

Residential address

Step Three

Online approval.

We'll verify your information and outline the terms of your agreement, which you can e-sign online.

It takes just minutes to complete and your facility is ready to use. 

Cost Of Funding

This facility has been designed to assist businesses meet their payment obligations to suppliers and other trade creditors more effectively, that's why we charge absolutely no setup fees to use this facility. Our fees are transparent and upfront with no hidden costs.

Pay Supplier and Creditors Invoices

Advance Fee: 2.75% (on invoice amount) Interest: 2% per month (up to 6 months) charged on invoice value

Cash Facility

Advance Fee: 3.3% (on Cash amount) Interest: 2% per month charged on reducing balance *No penalties or fees for early payout

Invoices Factoring

Advance Fee: 2.75% (on invoice amount) Interest: 2% for first 30 days charged on invoice value, plus 0.1% per day after 30 days.


No property security required. General Security Agreement over the borrowing entity Personal Guarantees of directors.